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Thursday, August 4, 2016


Dear Readers,

Today I interviewed my manager to ask him what he considered retail problems. I did this to get a better perspective but also because he has more experience. The interview went like this:

Me: Hi Lucas (my manager), thank you for agreeing to my interview
Lucas: no problem Janelle

Me: okay so what would you say is the worst retail problem you have dealt with during your time in retail?
Lucas: First I would say angry customers. That's always the worst. Especially as a manager you are being closely observed and you have to handle the situation with professionalism in order to set an example.

Me: can you describe a specific situation , if that is okay?
Lucas: Sure. It was my first week as manager and I had a very angry woman attempting to return a bag which of course she had lost the receipt for. It is our policy you must provide a receipt in order to return merchandise but she insisted to speak with the manager. I was already warned by my associate that she was angry and so I was not surprised that she yelled at me to return the bag. It was like I was her servant she was ordering me to do this. Sure I could've gotten upset and asserted myself but I tried to find a solution instead. Luckily she had bought the bag with a credit card and so we were able to find the transaction in the system. After helping her of course she apologized for her behavior and I insisted it was no problem.

Me: wow I'm not sure I could've handled it so well.
Lucas: The key is not to make it personal. You have to take a step back and take your feelings out of the equation.
Me:  That is pretty good . what is the best advice you would give to other retailers?
Lucas: other than that I would say just take it one day at a time and always try to stay positive.

Me: okay well thank you for agreeing to my interview and helping to share some knowledge with my readers.
Lucas: anytime

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